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Govt. ICT Division Training Program

The trainees will be confident and equipped with them:
Customer Service Policy and Support Skills
Contact English at work

BPO Overview of standard methods and communication center operations
Basic Email Business and Web Browsing
Apply core issues of effective communication skills for both face and telephony environments
Effective communication center management skills for both inbound and outbound processes
Earn the ability to categorize customer types by contact center through different psychologists
Basic overview of international BPO service areas and online financial transactions
Develop the necessary technical skills at BPO workplace (Basic MS Office and other applications)
BPO Follow the moral standards in the workplace
Job Description / Responsibility.


Training overview: Mastering customer service (specially designed for the services sector)
Extensive training course for customer service and back office for new graduates
Participation on regular basis on training sessions (both regular and practical)
Training period: 2 months (5 classes a week)


Govt. ICT Division Training Program


Total number of classes: 40
Minimum attendance (80%) is required for successful completion
On the session the theoretical and practical hands-on knowledge gained knowledge.
Fitting and fitting with new insights and training assists from evaluation
Valid through qualified evaluation programmers through various evaluation programs.
Nature of Job

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